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Did you know that it is so common for teens to appear as if they are the center of the world, that there is a term for it?

Did you know there is a such thing as atypical depression, commonly seen in preteen and adolescent males, and that it presents itself as anger and physically acting out rather than the low mood and isolation commonly observed in depression?

Did you know that families have a tendency to maintain their norm even when they are aware that their patterns of interacting are not benefitting them?​

Adolescence is an exciting time for personal development and exploration. It can also be a scary time as children begin to develop into teenagers and hormones and social pressures begin to make themselves known. It is normal for adolescents to begin to separate and individuate from their parents. Your relationship with your child will change as they begin to explore the possibilities of their future and begin to build the foundation for Living their Excellence.

If your adolescent or teen is struggling during this time there is no need to navigate this experience alone. Teenagers can be irritable, argumentative, and easily distracted, and they are also imaginative, enthusiastic, and passionate about the world and their place in it. No matter what your teenager is going through, therapy can be a helpful tool for them to become more self-aware, self-confident, and make choices now that will promote their happiness and well-being in the future.

Dr. Truitt and her team have years of experience helping teens and their families understand these challenges, find the most beneficial ways to navigate difficult situations, and grow in ways to build a bright future. Our experts provide a safe, understanding, and relaxed environment where adolescents and teens will feel empowered in their journey. Our goal is to provide the objective support and guidance that is needed when teens are struggling and unsure of how to move forward. Through the incorporation of individual, parenting, and family sessions the family is able to address underlying issues that may be preventing the family from attaining their family vision. Family values are assessed, power dynamics explored, and each individual family member plays a role in working towards long-term, positive change.

Contact Dr. Truitt and her team todayand discuss what options are available to sponsor Your Family in Living Their, and Your, Best Life.

Adolescent and Teen Therapy:

Did you know that there are several different learning styles and reinforcers of behavior from which children and teens learn best?

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