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After graduating with her Master’s degree, Cyla realized her passion for working with individuals going through difficult life transitions. These transitions, which we all experience, can sometimes leave us feeling anxious, depressed, isolated, confused, unsure, or even hopeless. Cyla believes that it is these difficult transitions that provide us with the perfect opportunities for personal growth and transformation. She aims to provide a safe environment where she can walk with her clients through these difficult times in order to help them understand and create meaning for their circumstances. 

Cyla has several years of experience working with adults, adolescents, and couples. She has spent significant time working with young artists and professionals who, like many of us, struggle to find traction in Los Angeles. In addition, Cyla has taken special interest in furthering her education in trauma therapy in order to provide healing for those suffering from post-traumatic symptoms. Combining a holistic view and knowledge of neuropsychology, Cyla takes great care in supporting those who have experienced trauma move into a new space of empowered and resilient healing. 

Cyla Fisk, AMFT

Cyla Fisk is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (IMF103482) working under the supervision of Dr. Kate Truitt. Cyla strives to empower clients along their journey to self-exploration, growth, and healing. It is her goal to join collaboratively with clients in order to explore how their beliefs, relational patterns, and past experiences are influencing their present circumstances. By gaining insight into their self and the obstacles in front of them, Cyla hopes her clients will feel empowered to overcome the barriers that impede their ability to flourish. Through this in-depth work and mutual curiosity, it is Cyla’s goal for her clients to leave not only with a greater sense of peace in their lives, but also the ability to connect to their inner-strengths which will promote long-lasting change.

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