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Did you know an eating disorder is often a tool to create a feeling of control when life feels out of control? Our brain connects the ability to survive with the ability to act upon our world in an effective manner. If we feel ineffective our survival brain will often create ways in which to feel effective. Our brain wants us to survive at all costs.

Did you know your brain wants your mind body, heart, and soul to be healthy? Our brain will fight for our survival with every ounce of strength it has and it wants more for us. Your brain wants to thrive!  

Did you know when we are starving our brain and physical body start to feel disconnected from our present reality? Often this sensation also presents with another experience that is very similar to a "high." This numbness and "high" feeling are often more appealing alternatives to the painful experience of one's life. When we don't have  healthy tools to support our self during the hard times we will rely on the easily accessible tools.

​Did you know binge eating (eating until you feel overfull or "stuffed") releases feel good hormones into the blood stream? Binge eating may actually be a way of self-soothing or calming oneself when distressed. We are naturally driven to engage in behaviors that support our ability to survive the difficult times in life.

Specialized Eating Disorder Treatment Services:

Every day we walk through our world assaulted by the mass media event that is our reality. When under siege we can not help but to question our sense of self, our worth, or the value that we bring to this world. When under siege many of us seek to come to terms with and negotiate this daily circus through harmful manipulations of our selves.   For many of us starving, binging, cutting, using addictive substances (and much more) help quiet the chronic painful din of the outside world.  For many of us these tools of survival create a safe haven in which the only cost is that of one's self.

Are you losing yourself?

How do we healthfully and powerfully survive in this chaotic world when we have not been taught healthy and empowering tools for survival? We are hard wired for survival. We will survive at all costs. This is true even if our means of survival will ultimately kill us. An eating disorder is the perfect example of a temporarily death defying survival tactic. In the end, it will kill. As an eating disorder  helps us survive it is also actively killing us. Anyone who has ever struggled with and/or loved someone struggling with an eating disorder will tell you eating disorders are body wrecking, relationship ruining, mind demolishing, and life destroying illnesses. 

It is time to start living.

Imagine a life in which you have the tools and techniques to do more than survive. Imagine a world where you wake each day knowing you are choosing to actively ​thrive. Imagine a universe in which you are truly and completely alive. Now imagine that you don't have to imagine -- this is your reality when you Choose You and Sponsor Your Best Life.

It is time to Live Your Excellence.

Dr. Truitt and her team together have over 30 years of experience researching and treating individuals suffering from an Eating Disorder. They are passionately dedicated to empowering individuals to overcome and heal from these insidious illnesses. Their extensive training coupled with the use of cutting edge, innovative, and scientifically validated techniques distinguish them as experts in the treatment of eating disorders.  It's time begin your journey towards your fulfilled and inspired life. Contact Dr. Truitt and her team today!

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