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Dr. Truitt is a Certified Trainer and Practitoner of Havening Techniques. Havening Techniques is a registered trade mark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York.

Did you know our brain uses information connected to traumatic experience differently than information learned in any other situation? In new or uncertain situations, the information  learned when a trauma occurred is often the filter through which new experiences are defined. A trauma filter.

Did you know just as physical wounds heal so too does our brain? With Havening Techniques™ your brain, your mind, your life, you will recover from the traumatic experiences and be empowered to Live Your Excellence.

Did you know our brain relies on past experiences to make executive decisions in your current life? Traumatic experiences may, unknowingly, be guiding the decisions you make every day.

Did you know the effects of a traumatic experience can still haunt you thirty, forty, even fifty years after the event occurred?  While the experience may have passed long ago it may feel as though it happened just yesterday and still carry the same emotional power and physical reaction. Free yourself today and sponsor your best life,

Dr. Truitt is honored to be both the first Certified Trainer and the first Certified Practitioner for the Havening Techniques® in Southern California. The Havening Techniques are healing modalities designed to help individuals overcome problems that are the consequence of traumatic or stressful life experiences. Based on new advances in neuroscience we now have the ability to actually heal the wound caused by a traumatic experience. Through the depotentiation, or deactivation, of the neurons in your brain that encoded the traumatic experience, you will be freed to Live Your Excellence. All Associates have trained extensively in the Havening Techniques.

“When an event or experience is perceived as traumatic or very stressful it becomes immutably encoded, often with life-altering consequences. However, recent research from the field of neuroscience has shown us how it's possible to modify this encoding. The Havening Techniques are methods which are designed to change the brain to de-traumatize the memory and permanently remove its negative effects from both our psyche and body” ~ Ronald A. Ruden, M.D., Ph.D.

The Havening Techniques system is comprised of protocols and methods that  rely on the electrochemical makeup of our body to create healing. The Havening Techniques have three distinct applications: one is for emotional disturbances and encoded psychological trauma; the second is for wellness, stress management and peak performance; and the third is as a self-help tool. 

The effects of living with the experience of trauma are profuse. Untreated these symptoms can seep into every area of your life. Traumatically encoded memories can lead to disruptions in your personal relationships, emotional outbursts (anger, uncontrollable crying, etc.), a sense of being out of control, feelings of constant and irrational fear (anxiety, panic attacks, hypervigilance), sleep disruption (nightmares, insomnia, etc.), and so much more. Don't let trauma derail your life. If you have experienced traumatic experiences in your life they may be preventing you from living your most fulfilled life. Contact Dr. Truitt and her team today  to learn more about the Havening Techniques!

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