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Community Coronavirus Support Group: Join  Dr. Megan Mansfield and Rebecca Turner, LMFT for a free weekly 50-minute web-based support group. This group will provide a nonjudgmental space for processing concerns and frustrations, and will create social connection despite social distancing. We will also teach group member’s innovative stress-reducing and immune-boosting techniques that are based in neuroscience, and help member’s to create personalized wellness plans for healthy living during stressful times. 

Online Group for Anxiety led by Rebecca Turner, LMFT.  Thrive: Living Beyond  Anxiety is a small group of 4-6 members, and is designed to enhance connection and safety for members. The group will meet for 90 minutes through Zoom teleconferencing beginning on Wednesday April 8th from 5-6:30pm, and members will be supplied with a PDF workbook to be used throughout the group journey and beyond.  

Individual Therapy Services:

Couples and Family Therapy:

Community Connection Corner: Connect with Dr. Kate Truitt and the team for a free weekly connection point bringing together insights, guided practices, and Q&A to build resilience, self-care practices, and more for fellow clinicians and community members. Additionally, stay connected with online videos, new blogs, and guided self-care practices.

Group Therapy Services:

Our Top Priority is YOU. During the Coronavirus Pandemic Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates has been taking proactive steps to ensure we will continue to be of service to our patients and the community as we navigate these new times together. As of March 5th we transitioned all patient care to telehealth to do our part to flatten the curve. We have been hard at work creating new groups, protocols, and community connection points. Located in beautiful Pasadena, California we are honored to now be in service of all of California as we support and heal together.

In addition to our telehealth individual and group therapy sessions - Check out our new community connections, groups, and programs! Just because the world has changed doesn't mean your healing journey needs to push pause. We look forward to healing with you soon!

Services Provided

At-Home Online Neurofeedback Training Program is designed to give patients the greatest access to neurofeedback training with use of standardized, research-backed protocols. We will ship you all necessary equipment and training is conducted entirely via electronic means, and sessions can be monitored, progress tracked, and protocols adjusted by the clinician throughout the training process, with weekly check-ins via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, VSee, etc. to monitor progress.


Before you heal the body you must first heal

the mind.

- Aristotle -


The present moment is the only moment available to us, and it is the door to all moments.

- Thich Nhat Hanh -

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Dr. Truitt and her team of expert Psychologists and Psychotherapists specialize in the most effective and cutting edge treatments guaranteed to sponsor you in Living Your Excellence. Life is an incredible journey. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live their most fulfilled life free from self-doubt, insecurities, depression, anxiety, and other painful and life impacting struggles -- insomnia, chronic pain, trauma, and others. Dr. Truitt has dedicated her life to the empowerment and well-being of others. Call Today. It's time to live.

Each day we wake to a new day. Each day our brain shifts into action, motivating our minds, hearts, and bodies to drive towards those requirements and expectations with which we went to sleep the night before. Each day becomes defined by those experiences from the previous days and all the days dating back to the day we were born.

For so many of us, each day is defined by old patterns of being and old experiences that still feel as though they occurred just yesterday. For so many of us, these old patterns are getting in the way of us living our most fulfilled life. For so many of us, these old experiences wash over us when we least expect nor want them to derailing our day and, maybe even, derailing our lives.

For all of us - there is hope. There are ways to empower our minds, hearts, and bodies to no longer live within these old patterns and experiences. For all of us - there is the life we want to live. For all of us - this life is attainable. Contact Dr. Truitt and her team today and start the journey to your fulfilled life.

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Live Your Excellence.

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