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As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY28482), Dr. Carter turned his childhood dream of helping others into a lifetime commitment. For over 13 years, Dr. Carter has been committed to helping individuals and families heal. His research and experience have supported his passion for assisting those he works with reach their ultimate potential and achieve excellence in their lives. Dr. Carter sees his role with patients as being solution focused, energetic, and efficient work. The primary goals in working with Dr. Carter is relief from the presenting symptoms causing distress and then an evolution into personally empowered living. Dr. Carter’s approach begins through informed application of neuroscience based techniques to assist with emotional regulation and the immediate introduction of a new life skill which creates groundwork for sustainable change. 

Dr. Justin Carter

Dr. Megan Mansfield is a Psychological Assistant (PSB94024218) working directly under the supervision of  Dr. Kate Truitt. Prior to her graduate studies, Dr. Mansfield served as a Crisis Interventionist and Advocate at Los Angeles’ longest-standing rape crisis center. Since then, she has continued to gain clinical practice and research experience to develop a specialization in the treatment of trauma, especially trauma caused by violence. Dr. Mansfield understands that troublesome or traumatic experiences often disrupt several aspects of one's life, such as relationships, work performance, spiritual connection, and physical well-being. This allows her to use a deeply empathic and holistic approach to foster genuine self-compassion and empowerment. Her knowledge of the impact trauma has on the brain enables her to provide treatment beyond traditional talk therapy, which leads to permanent neurological healing. 

My clinical practice and scientific studies have led me to specialize in the treatment of eating disorders, traumatic stress, and PTSD. My research focuses on brain health during the recovery process and treatment outcomes. I actively honor the belief that each individual is unique and dynamic and seek to connect with each client in a way that is safe and comfortable for where they are presently in their healing process. I strive to create an empowering environment for my clients, guiding them through their transformational journey as they seek and obtain their fulfilled life.

I was the first Certified Practitioner and am the first Certified Trainer of the Havening Techniques™in Los Angeles, California. Havening Techniques™ is a powerful treatment for traumatically encoded life experiences. Havening is an incredibly fast, efficient, and effective tool that heals the brain. As a result, the symptoms of trauma diminish and, frequently, permanently disappear. I am honored to release my clients from traumatic experiences that have resulted in the development of PTSD, depression. phobias, anxiety, anger difficulties, eating disorders, and many more ailments that have impacted them for years, sometimes decades. My clients report feeling empowered and stronger at the end of treatment as their brains heal and finally process the traumatic experiences that have kept them psychologically paralyzed.  Learn more in the book chapter Fifteen Minutes to Freedom in the book by the same title ​Fifteen Minutes to Freedom by Harry Pickens. 

Rebecca Turner, M.S., LMFT

Hello and welcome! My name is Dr. Kate Truitt, I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY26309) practicing in Pasadena, CA. I have dedicated my life to supporting individuals as they learn, heal, and grow into living their most fulfilled life. I believe in the brain’s ability to transcend and transform the complex and beautiful relationship between nature and nurture. I have chosen to dedicate my life to the investigation and development of tools for personal transformation and empowerment. I truly believe that when we choose to let every moment of adversity strengthen and empower us we are choosing to be our strongest and most empowered selves. Through my years of experience I have learned that building a sustainable and fulfilled life begins with "Choosing You."

Shannon Byrnes is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice for over 15 years in the Los Angeles area. After graduating with her Masters Degree in clinical psychology from Phillips Graduate Institute and receiving a further five years of advanced training from the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis… her clinical work led her to specialize in early attachment, trauma and its effect on the brain and ultimately on interpersonal relationships. Her work has evolved into a thriving practice specializing in the treatment of self-esteem and body image issues, life transitions, relationship issues and marital conflict, complicated grief, traumatic stress, PTSD, eating disorders, depression, anxiety and addiction.

Shannon Byrnes, M.A., LMFT

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Pasadena, California

​Dr. Carter understands that while symptom relief may be success enough for many patients, going beyond symptom relief and focusing on healing the causes of the disturbance will lead to long lasting change. Dr. Carter seeks to not only support insight development into the patterns that get in way of living one's excellence but to also teach transformative skills to empower his patients to create long term health for themselves. Combining emotional regulation techniques informed through neuroscience with traditional talk therapy methods, Dr. Carter actively participates in the healing process of his patients. His patients experience great success by working collaboratively to build upon the strengths inherently present while focusing on creating opportunities to  unlock the ability to Live their Excellence.

Dr. Carter has been training in and practicing psychology for more than a decade. During that time, Dr. Carter has received training from industry leaders including the Semel Institute at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), The Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and the California School of Professional Psychology where he earned his doctorate degree. Dr. Carter works with individual adults, adolescents and families, and parents presenting with a wide range of life challenges.  Additionally, Dr. Carter offers parent coaching/training and performance coaching for athletes, performing artists, and business professionals seeking to achieve their ultimate performance potential.

Dr. Mansfield also has a passion for providing culturally competent care to LGBTQAI+ individuals. As part of her clinical training, Dr. Mansfield worked at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, the world’s largest provider of LGBTQIA+ medical and mental health care. There, she provided affirmative psychotherapy to individuals who presented with various forms of anxiety, mood disorders, personality disorders, relational conflict, body image issues, sexual dysfunctions, and substance abuse issues. Additionally, Dr. Mansfield is proud to have presented on numerous topics such as sexual fluidity, identify development, mindfulness, and Mental Health First-Aid at Models of Pride, the world’s largest free conference for LGBTQ youth and allies.

Dr. Mansfield views the therapeutic process as a sacred collaborative experience that involves the mind, body, and spirit. She firmly believes that a successful therapeutic experience should not only heal symptoms but also transform them into personal strengths. This approach allows her patients to thrive as their best selves. To facilitate that transformational journey, Dr. Mansfield integrates a variety of evidence-based interventions tailored to each unique individual. Dr. Mansfield frequently incorporates the Internal Family Systems model of psychotherapy founded by Dr. Richard Schwartz, to provide a clear, strengths-based, and empowering method of healing. With a sincere appreciation for the uniqueness of each individual, she works with each patient to discover the pace of psychotherapy that feels most meaningful and effective to them.

Shannon is passionate about helping people heal from the ‘inside out’ and within their relationships. In couples’ work her focus is facilitating each partner’s capacity to attune to and support the other’s personal growth. Shannon fosters the revealing of one’s self through an expression of feelings and thoughts, without blame or accusing, teaching them to respond with empathy while holding onto themselves. Shannon’s goal is to create a safe haven for individuals and couples to deepen their capacity for presence, healing, fulfillment and connection and achieve lives not only free from symptoms but filled with a new sense of vitality and hope.  

“I truly admire those willing to embark on the courageous journey toward transformation and am honored to stand beside them in their quest for happier, healthier, more productive and successful lives."   ~ Shannon Byrnes

Dr. Megan Mansfield

Rebecca Turner, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT107489), is passionate about engaging Neuroscience to nurture the mind, soul, and body. Rebecca earned her Masters of Science degree in Marital Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA as well as a concentration in Medical Family Therapy. This education and resulting clinical work set the foundation for Rebecca’s exploration and treatment of the impacts of sensory sensitivities, chronic illness, and pain upon the lives of individuals and families. Rebecca’s therapeutic work is grounded in the comprehensive assessment and treatment of pre-verbal, chronic, and acute traumatic experiences. Rebecca holds certification in Child-Parent Psychotherapy, a model to support those who’s minds and bodies have developed in the context of chronic illness, pain, and early developmental trauma. She is mindful of the connection between trauma, pain, and psychological symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, and relational distress. As a result, Rebecca engages patients in collaborative, solution-focused based psychotherapy to resolve symptomatology.  

In addition, Rebecca is the head of Dr. Kate Truitt and Associate’s Neurofeedback Program. Neurofeedback is a cutting-edge treatment technology that utilizes analysis and retraining of the brain’s electrical patterns to promote optimal wellness and symptom reduction. Patients can witness profound and sustainable change through the integration of psychotherapy, Psychosensory techniques, and neurofeedback. 

Utilizing humor, creativity, compassion, and curiosity, Rebecca is dedicated to the use of effective and personally-targeted treatments supported by the newest insights from the world of neuroscience to support your journey of growth and healing.

Dr. Kate Truitt

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