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Did you know "do as I say" is less effective than "do as I do"? Our children not only model our behaviors, they model our beliefs and even mirror our nervous systems.

Did you know that values and principles that parents have for their children can be the answer to managing unexpected challenges as a parent?

Did you know that parents are capable of creating change in their child or teen by changing themselves?

Family Therapy and Parent Coaching Services:

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Did you know the single best thing (outside of meeting basic needs) that a parent can do for their child(ren) is learn to regulate their own emotions?​

Parenting can be our greatest joy AND our greatest challenge. For all of its many beautiful moments, parenting is an incredibly demanding job. From dealing with sleepless nights and tantrums early on to sitting down with your grown child to talk about sex and drugs, parenting can be confusing, scary, and many times exhausting!

As parents, there are already so many things that you are doing well! Isn’t it time to build upon those strengths to create the family relationships you know are possible? A parent coach can help you connect to your beliefs, values, and vision for how you want to parent. From that place of connection, we can discover together the best tools and techniques for your style and family. 

The goal of this principles based approach is to help you and your family feel more connected, create consistency and accountability for both parent and child, and provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to be resilient as you navigate through each year of development. Having a parent coach as a trusted partner in working through “this isn’t working” situations can help allow space to figure out how to open up new ideas for making difficult circumstances work better. 

Here at Dr. Kate Truitt and Associates, we are passionate about empowering moms, dads, single parents, stepparents, and all caregivers to be mindful, loving, and effective caregivers. Dr. Truitt's team has worked directly with parents for more than 12 years helping to create positive and effective change within their homes and children.  Contact Dr. Truitt and her team todayand discuss what options are available to sponsor Your Family in Living Their, and Your, Best Life.

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