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Rebecca specializes in work with individuals who experience life with heightened sensitivity, both physically and emotionally. She incorporates training in emotional regulation techniques and communication skills with body-based physiological regulation interventions (such as the Havening Techniques and Mindfulness meditation) to empower patients to engage in life vibrantly, and with renewed ability to bring their authentic selves to their world. Rebecca provides coaching and support for parents of children with heightened sensitivities, chronic illness, or pain, serving as a bridge of understanding to promote a resilient and joyful bond.

Utilizing humor, creativity, compassion, and curiosity, Rebecca establishes the strong therapeutic alliance essential to promote healing. Rebecca is dedicated to the use of effective and personally-targeted treatments backed by Neuroscience to support your journey of growth and healing.

Rebecca Turner, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT107489), is passionate about engaging Neuroscience to nurture the mind, soul, and body. Rebecca earned her Masters of Science degree in Marital Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA as well as a concentration in Medical Family Therapy. This education and resulting clinical work set the foundation for Rebecca’s exploration and treatment of the impacts of sensory sensitivities, chronic illness, and pain upon the lives of individuals and families. Rebecca’s therapeutic work is grounded in the comprehensive assessment and treatment of pre-verbal, chronic, and acute traumatic experiences. She is mindful of the connection between trauma, pain, and psychological symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, and relational distress. As a result, Rebecca engages patients in collaborative, solution-focused based psychotherapy to resolve symptomatology.  

Rebecca Turner, M.S., LMFT

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